How to Create a 25-Year Emergency Food Supply

Learn how to create an emergency food supply that will last up to 25 years with tips on choosing foods, storing properly and rotating stock.

How to Create a 25-Year Emergency Food Supply

When it comes to emergency preparedness, having a reliable food supply is essential. Most food kits that are designed to survive have a lifespan of 20 to 30 years, but it's important to double check them. Freeze-dried foods have the longest shelf life, while canned and vacuum-sealed foods don't last as long. Whether you're celiac or gluten-free by choice, there's no need to interrupt your diet in an emergency situation.

This gluten-free essential bucket from Mountain House includes four varieties of foods, such as rice and chicken, and scrambled eggs with bacon, all made without wheat, barley or rye ingredients. You get a total of 22 servings, which is approximately enough to feed a person (with enthusiasm) for four days. Like all Mountain House survival foods, the gluten-free bucket has a guaranteed shelf life of 30 years.Rations are an excellent utilitarian option. The package contains nine fortified food bars with a total of 3,600 calories.

They do not require any preparation and provide energy that is quick and easy to transport. Bars ideal for hiking, supplementing a larger emergency food supply, or hiding them in your car or boat. The lifespan is five years, but, unlike previous options, that classification is for “weather conditions”. This means that the bars will survive five years in adverse weather conditions and, possibly, considerably longer under ideal storage conditions.All of the options described below require water for proper preparation, so it's a good idea to grab several emergency survival water bags to supplement your food supply, or you can follow CDC steps to prepare and store your own water supply.

The lifespan of emergency kits varies; many brands promise up to 20 or even 30 years, although some last 10 years or less. How food is packaged is the main determinant of shelf life, along with added preservatives. In terms of storage, it's best to store the kits in dry, dark places, at temperatures between 55 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.All of these companies offer supplies that will last for different periods of time. Most of their supply kits range from three months to a year.

Many of these kits are guaranteed to stay “fresh” for 25 years or more. ReadyWise (formerly Wise) is one of the best-known emergency food brands and has been around for a long time.

How To Create A 25-Year Emergency Food Supply

We'll show you how to organize a 25-year food supply that won't perish when everything else goes wrong. There aren't many companies that produce emergency organic food rations certified by the USDA, but this is one of them. The best emergency food supply kits usually take the form of a bucket full of individually packaged meals that can be cooked easily and quickly.

The answer varies depending on the number of people your stash is intended for and the amount of storage space you're willing to devote to emergency food rations.If you don't seal the container or at least use the absorbents in an airtight environment, the absorbers will continue to absorb oxygen and reintroduce air into the stored food, paving the way for food deterioration.

Cost Of An Emergency Food Supply

While the prevalence of these 25-year emergency food supply companies is convenient, the cost is too much for many. There are several ways to create an emergency food supply for your family, ranging from all the homemade stores packed at home to simply buying a ready-made survival food kit from an emergency food provider.

Best Tasting Emergency Food Brands

They are one of the best tasting emergency food brands (without adding tons of salt or chemical flavors). Most experts agree that a 3-day supply of food is likely to be sufficient for most emergencies, but it's generally a good idea to have at least a 2-week supply available for each member of the family.

Types Of Emergency Food Buckets

Emergency food buckets, also called survival food buckets or bags containing prepackaged meals, are all the rage today among warehousing companies and food resellers.

The best emergency food supplies make it easy to store your own supply of canned or dry food.

Creating Your Own 25-Year Food Supply

You can create your own 25-year food supply in the comfort of your home by following these basic steps:
  • Choose Your Food: Choose foods that are high in calories and nutrition such as grains (rice and oats), legumes (beans), nuts and seeds.
  • Store Properly: Store your supplies in airtight containers in cool dark places away from direct sunlight.
  • Rotate Your Stock: Rotate your stock regularly so that you always have fresh supplies on hand.
Packaging a long-term emergency food supply requires a little more effort, as improperly stored food can go bad in the long run. If you're ever in a survival or SHTF situation, you'll need to ration accordingly or purchase additional supplies (we recommend that you supplement the emergency supplies purchased with other basic dry foods and some canned foods). An emergency food supply can save lives in a large emergency and very comforting during a small emergency.

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